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Laibe Electric and Technology

Content Expansion and Revitalization

After 90 years pursuing growth, experience, and enhancing its reputation, Laibe Electric and Technology turned to the S+T team to enhance the company’s appearance to both insiders and outsiders. With a 3rd generation at the helm, it was determined a new face was needed along with some outside perspective on the company’s mission, vision, and values to move forward with the most positive success.

From a fresh, new color pallet and identity refinement to it’s forward thinking tag line, website, and collateral, the S+T team was able to help the company’s leadership position and reinvent its market leadership. A primary objective was to have employees, suppliers, and customers recognize the Laibe name as being synonymous with integrity, high quality service, and in-depth expertise.

Working with input from their leadership team, S+T brainstormed and developed fresh mission, vision, and values declarations. These new statements clarify Laibe’s business goals and direct them as they consider and plan for future growth.

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