Ultimately, we are driven to help our customers grow successfully and over the long-term. Our commitment is to harness all aspects of the art and science of marketing communications and apply them to specific objectives. Achieving results for our clients provides our team with the sort of job satisfaction that binds us to each other and to our customers.

We believe in order to put together an effective marketing communications program for a client, it all starts with the brand. Who is the customer? What does the customer look like? What do the customer’s customers look like? What does the customer believe in? We delve into these questions and more when putting an authentic brand together.

Someone once said a business with no plan is a plan for no business, and we take that to heart in working with our customers. We’re big believers in planning and developing branding programs with an overriding strategy in mind. And we help guide the process along every step of the way.

You might have the best brand and best strategy in the world but without effectively promoting what you do, how would you expect anyone to know about it. The S+T team has the experience, expertise, and creative tools to deliver results that help you succeed while also considering your resources.

These days, success can be awfully elusive without having the right digital presence and exposure. The S+T team can create and fully integrate key content, including dynamic videos, case histories, product demos, educational entries, shopping functions, and more, into robust websites that perform 24/7 for our clients.

Not long ago, companies had to have videos. Then they had to have websites. Now companies have to combine a variety of media efforts to tell the most effective and cohesive stories and effectively demonstrate differentiation versus the competition. The S+T team is prepared to put essential client videos together from scripting to storyboarding, shooting, editing, scoring, and post producing down to the last details.

Developing and deploying a great website is one thing. Getting customers to find it and finding customers to use it involves a completely different set of techniques. The S+T team is fully capable of establishing a client’s digital domain, optimizing its content, getting eyeballs on it, and getting click-through engagement with the story being told and the products being sold.

In a Nut Shell

Logo Development
Business Planning
Brand Standards Development
Customer Profiles
Marketing Calendars
Press Releases
SEO, SEM, Social Media
Content Management
Brochure Creation
Trade Shows
Website Development
Search Marketing
Creative Content
Technical Writing
Sales Support
Project Management
Sales Promotion