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One of the Rarest Woods on Earth

Bird’s Eye Creations

Rebranding and Website Build

The customer’s request was “rebrand our business and rebuild our website” and the S+T team was ready to accept this challenge when they took on Bird’s Eye Creations, an exotic wood dealer located in a remote part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The team learned the rare wood buying customer is highly creative and inquisitive. This is true for a one-off project craftsman as it is for the larger manufacturers seeking quality logs and lumber. So aside from creating an unusually artistic logo, the team also built out a shopping and user-friendly website that would make their woods and their grades easy to view. The website highlight the rare wood’s characteristics and allows visitors to decide on which might be right for their projects.

In addition, the Bird’s Eye Creations online shop features a unique collection of  hardwood gifts – many made of their namesake Birdseye maple.

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