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Campbell Mechanical Services

Complete Marketing Program and Implementation

Third generation Campell, Inc. was heading toward its 50th anniversary and the company had a lot on its plate. A major building expansion, new faces, new acquisitions, and geographic growth were all in the mix. Campbell determined that they needed some experienced advisors to help them through all this and communicate their moves internally and externally. They got together with the S+T team.

After performing their research and discovery, the team successfully helped the company reinvent itself from a marketing perspective as much as it was reinventing itself in bricks and mortar, head count, and regional reach. From a cleaned up identity and tag line to new case studies, a dynamic and responsive website, educational videos, and more, Campbell was fully morphed into a new company with a wealth of experience and knowledge of legacy HVAC systems to being 100% committed into the world of new, advanced systems technologies.

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